Prep Info

The most important thing you can do to prepare for a colonoscopy is to empty your colon. This enables your doctor to clearly see the inside lining of your colon during your colonoscopy.

To make this happen, it is most important to follow the diet and bowel prep instructions prescribed by your doctor. Just click on the one(s) shown in the list on the left prescribed for you and follow those instructions. If you do not remember which one(s) you should follow or if there is a question about the time you need to perform certain steps, please call our West Columbia office at (803) 794-4585 or our Northeast office at (803) 462-2300 and we will assist.

Following the diet and prep instructions best for you will ensure you are ready for the procedure. If you arrive for your appointment and your colon is completely empty, we will perform your procedure and feel comfortable about the results. If not, we may either need to reschedule your procedure or perform it a second time.

So, let’s do it once, do it right and be done with it, until it’s time to do the procedure again.

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