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We warmly welcome Dr. Scott Bills, MD, who has joined the esteemed team of physicians at Consultants In Gastroenterology, dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of the Columbia community.

Originally hailing from Salt Rock, WV, just outside of Huntington, WV, Dr. Bills pursued his undergraduate studies at Marshall University, earning a BS in biology. He continued his academic journey at Marshall University Medical School, where he discovered his passion for medicine. During his time in medical school, he met his future wife, Kiersten, who holds a master's degree in education and currently works remotely part-time for the University of Louisville while simultaneously caring for their two young children.

"My internal medicine residency took place at the University of Louisville, where I served as Chief Resident for an additional year. Subsequently, I pursued gastroenterology at UKY, where I was introduced to advanced endoscopy," shared Dr. Bills. Presently, Dr. Bills is undertaking a one-year Advanced Endoscopy fellowship, expanding his expertise in ERCP/EUS and other advanced techniques from a tertiary referral center perspective. His patients are referred to him from community hospitals due to the complexity of their cases. "I aspire to bring my training to SC, enabling patients to receive comprehensive care locally rather than traveling to other centers," he says.

At Consultants In Gastroenterology, Dr. Bills will provide general gastroenterology services and perform ERCP/EUS procedures, complementing the existing range of services. This addition will increase patient capacity, leading to shorter wait times., "I was encouraged by my good friend Nelson Seabrook to interview at Consultants in Gastroenterology," says Dr. Bills. "I was impressed by their commitment to physician-led community healthcare, which ultimately influenced my decision to join the amazing team."

Dr. Bills and his wife, Kiersten, are proud parents to their two children, Lydia (4) and Anderson (2). They are also accompanied by their beloved standard poodle named Remy. "I dedicate the majority of my free time to my family. My children have a deep love for the outdoors and learning. My wife has already established friendships in the area and is eager to settle in SC. Additionally, my in-laws reside two hours east of Columbia, and we are thrilled to be closer to them," shared Dr. Bills.

Consultants in Gastroenterology specialize in diagnosing and treating various digestive system conditions, encompassing the esophagus, pancreas,  intestines, gallbladder, stomach, and liver. Our comprehensive services include patient education, providing information, and emotional support to alleviate anxiety while ensuring optimal comfort. Our offerings encompass a range of Gastroenterology Services, including cancer screening, colonoscopy, ERCP, endoscopic ultrasound, upper endoscopy, and more.


Dr. Scott Bills, a top-rated West Columbia, Northeast Columbia, St. Andrews, Lexington, and Chapin, SC gastroenterologist

Welcome to Consultants in Gastroenterology

Our expertise lies in identifying and addressing conditions affecting the digestive system

Our compassionate and experienced gastroenterologists in West Columbia, Northeast Columbia, St. Andrews, Lexington, and Chapin, South Carolina diagnose and treat the esophagus, liver, stomach, intestines, pancreas, and gallbladder. Our primary objective is to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive care that goes beyond medical treatment. We are dedicated to delivering patient education, valuable information, and compassionate emotional support. By doing so, we aim to alleviate anxiety and enhance the overall comfort of the people we serve.


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