Acid Reflux Testing

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Minimally Invasive, Discreet, and Private

Our reflux testing is a minimally invasive exam to evaluate heartburn and related symptoms. It allows us to observe your symptoms during your everyday activities.

The testing process is discreet, allowing you to resume normal activities without intrusion.

Don’t keep struggling with the ongoing discomfort of heartburn and reflux.

You are in good hands with our experienced gastroenterologists.

Why Would You Need Reflux Testing?

Chronic heartburn, occurring more than once a week, can disrupt your daily routines.

Symptoms like indigestion, chest burning, and acid backup may indicate GERD. Reflux testing helps diagnose the severity of acid reflux and guides appropriate treatment.

How to Prep

For Your Reflux Testing

  1. We will provide you with specific instructions before your exam.
  2. Discuss your medications with us beforehand, particularly if you take insulin or blood thinners. Dosage adjustments will be provided.
  3. Our staff is happy to assist you with any concerns or questions.

We are here for you.

What to Expect

The Day of Your Reflux Testing

  1. When you arrive, we will make sure you feel comfortable and respected.
  2. You will receive local anesthesia, and your doctor will attach a small capsule to your esophagus wall. The sedation time is 15-20 minutes.
  3. Once inserted, the capsule will continually measure pH levels in the esophagus, transmitting data to a recorder worn on your belt. The recorder will monitor you during your regular activities, ensuring a discreet and private testing experience.
  4. Some patients feel a vague sensation in the esophagus, especially during eating, as food passes by the capsule. Chewing carefully and drinking liquids can minimize this feeling.
  5. We will provide a diary to record when you eat, lie down, and experience reflux symptoms. Maintaining an up-to-date diary is crucial for an accurate diagnosis.

The reflux capsule remains in place for 48–96 hours.

Getting Your Results

Your diary and the recorder, containing valuable data, should be returned to our office within two days of the conclusion of your test.

We will share the results with you within two weeks, and a follow-up appointment is recommended.

Additional screenings, procedures, or treatment plans may be necessary, depending on the results.

What type of visit do you need?

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